Auto Ceramic Coating Service in Honolulu, HI


Your Best Defense Against All Harsh Elements

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With your day-to-day activities, especially with travels and the rough terrains, and harsh environments you have to go through, you will eventually realize that your car's exterior needs to have some protective coating. 


The ceramic coating adds a layer of defense to the exteriors of your automobile, keeping it looking spotless and fresh for years.


So, why not take precautions to protect them as you would with any other prized investments you have?


A ceramic coating, or nano-ceramic coating, serves as an additional defense against the damaging elements that your car is exposed to regularly. It is typically applied by hand as it seamlessly blends with your car paint, creating a new layer, and making it look pristine, gleaming, and untouched. 


Applying ceramic coating can preserve the factory paintwork on a recently purchased automobile, not breach the manufacturer's guarantee, and keep your car looking brand new and lasting a lifetime!

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You want your ride to look something other than vintage when it's still even three years old! A protective layer will shield your car from harmful substances and harsh environments.


What's more exciting is we don't offer ceramic coating to cars alone; we do this in our mobile boat detailing service, too!


Ceramic coating is excellent protection from:

Harmful UV rays

Tree Sao

Chemical stains and etching

Brake dust

Bird droppings

Acid rain

Industrial fallout

Insect acid


Mineral deposits

Temperature cycles

Traffic film & Tar

Road grit


With over two decades of providing top-tier service in mobile car detailing, our years of experience and loyal customers can speak for us! We take our time, use the best method, and uphold excellence in our work to ensure that our clients get value for their money.

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We Give Value To Your Most Prized Possession

We brand ourselves with excellence. We assess your car's condition and choose the best ceramic coating service package to protect it from the harsh environment, increase the longevity of your car paint, and make it look brand new.

Highly Competent and Experienced Technicians

We only work with specialists. Our detailers have years of experience renewing and detailing the exterior paint, and they have one responsibility-- to beat customers' expectations with top-quality service.

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Great Attention to Detail

Our work mantra, "No stone should be left unturned." When working on your vehicle, we pay meticulous attention to every last detail. Every part of it receives care. Our ultimate goal is to hand over a finish that screams excellence, leaving you whistling in satisfaction.

We offer several ceramic coating packages that best fit your needs.

We provide various services, from decontamination and paintworks to adding layers of ceramic coating to achieve that spotless and glossy shine!


Ceramic coating is a lengthy procedure depending on your selected ceramic coating package. The process is broken down below.

  • Handwash
  • Clay decontamination
  • Preparation of paint
  • Paint correction
  • Polishing
  • Ceramic coating application
  • Curing. (Approximately 1-2 days for complete curing)


The decontamination phase is crucial because impurities trapped beneath the coating might cause substantial damage over time. For cars with cosmetic flaws, paint correction is required.


1. Permanent defense against harsh elements

Ceramic coating is a different breed of auto detailing service, unlike typical waxes, paint protection, or sealants that wear off over time. It permanently bonds to the paint of your car and can only be removed by abrasion; no chemical substance can damage it.

2. Chemical Defense

Ceramic coating will shield your car from harmful substances and the effects of the environment. It is resistant to all toxic substances that may occur when it comes into contact with hard water leading to water spots.

3. Resistance to oxidation and corrosion

Advanced ceramic technology provides professional showroom-quality protection beyond simple protection by improving surface gloss for long-term durability in any environment.

4. Resistant to temperature

The coating is not easily damaged at temperatures under 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. UV Protection

Ceramic coating prevents the paint from fading and deteriorating because of its inherent UV protection.

6. Gloss Shine

This ceramic coating provides an unmatched, high-gloss luster.

7. Extremely hydrophobic

Your automobile will repel water and dirt, making the driver's visibility safer and clearer during rainy days.


How often should I have my car ceramic coated?

We highly recommend having your car ceramic coated between two and five years.

What maintenance regime do you recommend after ceramic coating?

We recommend that the car be adequately decontaminated once every 12 months by removing any accumulated road tar, iron, tree sap, and industrial fallout deposits. We will then apply a silicon dioxide sealer to revive the ceramic coating and improve its hydrophobic qualities.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

Three factors need to be considered when determining the longevity of the ceramic coating: type of coating, maintenance, and external factors such as the environment and the substances upon which it is exposed.


For that reason, we recommend the following:

  1.  Avoid using automatic vehicle washes as it aggressively cleans your car, shortening the lifespan of the ceramic coating.
  2. ONLY use microfiber cloths in washing your car.


As with any painting treatment, the most remarkable outcomes and product longevity require excellent routine maintenance.


Abrasion techniques like machine polishing, cutting compounds, or cutting and polishing can remove ceramic coatings.


Failure to wash the car regularly (weekly or biweekly) can also affect how well and how long the coating will last.

How do I keep my car clean and well-maintained in the meantime?

Your automobile will appear immaculate if you follow a meticulous and regular washing routine utilizing a PH-neutral shampoo or hydrophobic spray. Additionally, avoid letting your car air dry, and always use high-quality microfiber.

How do ceramic coatings compare against sealants?

Ceramic coatings are more durable, highly protective, and glossier than sealants.

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So, why not take precautions to protect them as you would with any other prized investments you have?