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Make your car look fresh and flawless. With over 25 years of experience in the auto detailing industry, Brown's Mobile Detailing has been providing top-quality automobile detailing services in Hawaii and continuously serving our customers with excellence.

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Check Out Wash-N-Wax

wash and wax detailing soap

Brownโ€™s Professional Wash-N-Wax is a premium automobile soap that is formulated to remove dirt and grime.

Brown's Mobile Detailing

Use 2-4 ounces of soap per 4 gallons of water.

Brown's Mobile Detailing

Rinse the automobile and buff dry!

Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Kapolei

Nothing compares to how a brand-new automobile looks, feels, and smells. A car can seem attractive with small touches like bright paint, new parts with no wear, and spotless rims and tires. However, over time, driving will surely tarnish your car's appearance; therefore, keeping it in this pristine state is, unfortunately, nearly impossible.

One way of keeping in its tip-top shape is to make time to detail your car routinely to preserve its original appearance and condition, keep it clean and comfortable as your drive, and protect its resale value.

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Brown's Mobile Detailing was created with you in mind. Your convenience is our priority. Our technicians are trained to provide quality service not just for your vehicles but for you as well. We are:


Customer-centric service is one of the cornerstones of our company. We ensure that we provide first-rate customer service to cultivate a relationship with our clients and build a bond, loyalty, and trust. We prioritize the needs of our clients and work hard to deliver a satisfying experience.

Professional and Expert Car Detailers

Our professional car detailers are highly trained and experienced to ensure the consistency of the quality of our work. They will help you identify the potential problem of your car and take immediate action to prevent it from escalating into major issues. They will also provide expert advice about the right products for your vehicle and how you can give the best care for your car at home.


We aim to build a solid reputation by addressing and clarifying our customers' needs and being timely in providing the needed services to increase efficiency and reduce back jobs. We aim to edify the trust and confidence of our clients and win their loyalty.

High-Quality Products and Services

We treat your car as if it's our own, which is why we only use high-quality car wash and wax soap to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished look of your car. You can be assured that your car or truck is safe and in good hands.

Expert Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Kapolei

Basic Car Detailing

Basic car detailing removes dirt, dust, and debris accumulated within your vehicle or truck over time. It usually includes thorough interior vacuuming, washing, waxing, and polishing to help restore your car's sleekness and shine. By safeguarding the exterior car paint and interior surfaces of your vehicle, a basic car detail can help increase its lifespan.

Full Car Detailing

A full detail comprises deep cleaning of your car's interior and exterior, including shampooing the carpets and upholstery, polishing the paint, waxing, and more. It removes any dirt, dust, or debris that can eventually damage your vehicle. Full detail helps keep your car looking great and new, just like the first day it left the dealership. Whenever you need full detailing, type in "interior detailing near me," book our services, and we will be right at your doorstep!

Car Wash & Wax

A regular wash and wax are essential to your car's maintenance. It aids in maintaining your car's exterior in top condition, preventing paint damage from salt, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Wax also aids in covering minor paint blemishes and chips and protecting the finish to make it shiny and increase its resale value should you decide to sell it.

Car Paint Correction

Car paint correction removes swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and other minor flaws in the paint surface of your car or truck. This auto detailing service helps keep your vehicle looking good and preserve its value. In addition, it helps the paint regain its former brilliance and gloss while defending it against further harm.

Car Ceramic Coating

Auto ceramic coating can shield the car paint from UV rays, water marks, dirt, and grime. It offers a glossy finish to give your vehicle a brand-new appearance. With ceramic coating, regular waxing and other maintenance will be kept to a minimum, making it simpler to maintain your car's appearance over time.

Car Buffing

Car buffing maintains your car's appearance and protects the paint from corrosion and damage. Also, it aids in removing minor blemishes and paint defects that may develop with time. With regular buffing, your car will look good as new for years to come.


We pride ourselves on providing the best auto detailing in Kapolei, and here are the reasons why you should be at Brown's Mobile Detailing right now.

Preserve the appearance of your vehicle.

Car Detailing helps keep your car fresh, clean, shiny, and brand-new. It removes all scratches and thoroughly cleans dust and stains.

Removes unwanted stains

Regular auto detailing helps prevent and remove unwanted stains in the exterior or interior part of your car. With the use of our very own Wash-N-Wax car shampoo, we can help you bring your paint back to its original glow,

Prevent health issues

Dust, dirt and other pollutants that may cause allergic reactions or are hazardous to your health will be removed entirely through car detailing and improve your car's air quality.

Eliminate odor

Quality is our specialty. With Brown's Mobile Detailing Services, you can be assured that all the filth and grime in your interiors and upholstery will be removed and eliminate the foul odor giving you a better driving experience.


Johnny calls you back...He shows up on time.. His work is EXCEPTIONAL! Our jeep looks incredible. Dog hair is GONE, interior like new, exterior washed, polished, black plastic is renewed and looks awesome. The rims look brand new again. I cannot say enough..he's got a customer for the long haul now. THANK YOU!

Paul Moring

Johnny was outstanding! Having moved to the south for a construction project over a year ago my truck was exposed to all elements, and the only cleaning it got was when it rained. In addition to that, I take my dog with me everywhere and athe inside of my truck was her second home (so you can imagine what that looked like!)

BMD came highly recommended to me through a third party at another detailing company. The story is actually quite entertaining, I was asking him for a quote to detail my truck and said 'you don't want to do this here, let me give you a guy'.

Johnny was tentative, energetic, and detail-orientated (sic). All told it took him 3.5 hours to complete the inside and outside of my truck, and I'm not lying when I say that it looks better now than the day I took delivery of it in 2016. I can understand why he is constantly booked and has regular monthly appts with clients, he offers unparalleled service.

Cody Hostuttler

I hate filling these things out, but Mr. Brown's work was so good, I had to do the right thing and write a review. Mr, Brown pressure-washed myt house and washed my SUV like they were his. That is what we all want from any business - treat it like it's yours. Give him your go... you'll be glad you did, I am!

Glenn Fontaine

Brown's Mobile Detailing is the absolute best. He keeps my truck looking brand new even though it is 9 years old. It is as smooth as butter. Highly recommended!!! Love that he comes to you. So convenient with my hectic schedule.

Keri Vickery

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